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BRAM-COR experience and passion for stainless steel processing enable us to care for quality in details. Energy saving concerns, sanitary quality and certifications of all materials and components, long-term reliability are a rule for our equipment. Each BRAM-COR cGMP equipment or line is manufactured following rigorous quality approved processes and procedures. AISI 316L Stainless steel piping and AISI 304 frameworks are welded by qualified welders following BRAM-COR Sanitary Piping procedures. Certified sanitary fittings and components are assembled on the line, ensuring good access to all items for easy maintenance operation. Non-destructive tests are performed during construction.




BRAM-COR works following an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system. Planning, monitoring, testing, identification and recording are baseline issues of our work, from system design to system validation. Continuous Q.A.S. improvement is pursued through a scrupulous assessment of any non-conformity, reflected in the steady revision of our working procedures. No one pharmaceutical critical system is really the same. Each plant has different features. Achieving pharmaceutical quality at a good quality/price ratio whilst offering the highest customization is our goal:BRAM-COR ensures professional support throughout the system lifecycle, thanks to a rigorous teamwork.




Each component is identified by a unique TAG, engraved on metal plate, for total traceability in the relevant technical documentation. Functional testing is ensured by automation experts, with special care for monitoring of critical parameters. Documentation, inspection and field testing are included in our project management.