BRAM-COR is focused mostly towards production processes and plants aimed at the manufacture of sterile liquid drugs. The principal behind our correct and exceptional designs is attributable to our extended knowledge of the production processes of such drugs, due to almost 50 years of experience in international settings and an excellent 100% made in Italy manufacture. 

The application of a suitable and complete analysis of our technologies begins in BRAM-COR from a clear definition: it includes a prompt evaluation and a careful monitoring of all the critical parameters that could directly influence the quality of the end-product. This way, we ensure a complete quality control, both within and between our production lines. Each process follows the rigorous requirements dictated by cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice), which have now been adopted as one of our work guidelines.

BRAM-COR plants are hence based on a detailed description of every possible constructive element and aspect, accompanied by processes of evaluation within the life cycle of each project, following the requirements “GAMP V” and constantly taking into account the evaluations of the risk of the structure, the system’s components, functional specifications, disinfection, sterilization, validation problems and the sustainable maintenance of the entire plant. 

BRAM-COR carries out the following activities: 

  • Design (quality of technical-industrial design)
  • Construction (mechanicals, electro-pneumatics, software)
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Installation
  • Validation
  • Start up

 A complete technical documentation is part of our equipment and includes:

  • General Documentation and Constructive Specification
  • Components Documentation
  • Valves Documentation
  • Instruments Documentation
  • Electrical/pneumatic Documentation
  • Hardware and Software Documentation
  • Piping, Fitting and Welding Documentation
  • Non-destructive test certificate
  • Operating and Maintenance Instructions 
  • Lists of Spare Parts  

BRAM-COR offers diverse branches of pharmaceutical equipment: 

- Water Treatment systems producing Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI)

- Pharmaceutical Formulation and Processing systems

- Pharmaceutical Filling and packaging systems



BRAM-COR pharmaceutical water treatment systems are designed to produce compendial  

  •     PW - Purified Water
  •     WFI - Water for Injection
  •     PS - Pure Steam

The key features of our projects, which cover every water processing step, from supply water to the machine to the end-product, entail: diversified options for water treatment, critical parameter monitoring, conformity with quality norms and requirements, consumptions, microbiological inspections, functioning, maintenance, production cycle’s costs…

The choice of suitable materials for pharmaceutical use is weighted with particular emphasis. The product is exclusively in contact with certified stainless AISI 316L steel, with a standard roughness ≤ 0.4 µm. A perfect grip is ensured by EPDM/PTFE gaskets. Advanced Technology analytical processes are applied in the continuous quality checks: the automation used in BRAM-COR systems is professionally developed and compliant with GAMP.

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BRAM-COR designs, produces and installs entire formulation and preparation plants, starting from specific product characteristics and clients’ requests (URS). Both the preparation, cleaning and sterilisation of the contact parts of tanks and plants, which represent recurrent problems in the pharmaceutical sector, constitute a peculiar prerogative of each project we commit to. 

Customized and personalized solutions for particular disinfection and sterilization requests can be entirely satisfied by BRAM-COR production systems, which ensure excellent costs-performance in each equipment utilised in aseptic processes, such as:

Mixing Tanks, Pressure Vessels and Bioreactors

  • Mixing Vessels
  • Pressure Tanks / Pressure Vessels
  • Reactor Vessels
  • Customized Formulation Tanks
  • Mobile Mixing Vessels
  • Transfer Tanks

Cip/Sip Systems

  • Customized Clean in Place Stations
  • Mobile Clean in Place Stations

Ancillary Systems For Formulation Lines

  • Triblenders
  • Filtration Groups
  • Solution Transfer Circuits through Nitrogen Or Sanitary Pumps
  • Vessels Loading Platforms
  • Laminar Air Flow Cabinets

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BRAM-COR’s pharmaceutical filling plants for bags or bottles can be configured automatically, semi-automatically or manually, depending on the requests specified by the client. The production range, for different capacities of bags or bottles in plastic/glass, is extremely broad and it is capable of fulfilling the most diversified industrial necessities, beginning from a minimum volume of 10 ml to volumes of significant sizes. The process plants are inherently included within the strict and high BRAM-COR quality standards. They are undoubtedly distinguished and praised for their user friendliness related to conduction and functioning, for their reduced costs of maintenance and their long-term durability.   

Bottling lines are completed through different procedures: cleaning machines, capping, crimping, labelling and conveyor belts. The range is as follows:

  • Manual, Semiautomatic and Automatic Filling Machines for BAGS
  • BAGS making machines
  • FORM-FILL-SEAL equipment for PP BAGS
  • Visual Inspection lines for BAGS   
  • Machines for assembling Plugs and Connectors for BAGS
  • Filling Machines for BOTTLES
  • Washing, Stoppering, Capping Machines for BOTTLES
  • Complete integrated lines including CIP /SIP skids 

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