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The vaccine and its sources - Bram-Cor water journey. What it takes to make drugs


Covid-19 vaccine research is running as fast as water. And precisely from water comes the key to solve the serious situation that is afflicting us. This is thanks to the technology and expertise of Italian companies dedicated to the production of pharmaceutical plants, which transform raw water into pharmaceutical grade water, a quality necessary for any formulation including vaccines. To learn about this technology, we exit the highway and leave for Parma. A short distance away, there is the SPIP District: we are in the heart of a district dedicated to industrial process plant engineering. In here, we find the destination at 12 / A in via Mercalli: BRAM®-COR® spa, “Pharmaceutical Technologies”. It is a company founded in 1964, with extensive experience in the sector. "Our plants - the head of the Quality System tells us - have pharmaceutical stainless steel as a construction raw material; but the peculiarity of each plant lies in the correctness of the design, based on a wise reading of the URS, which generates customized constructions, respectful of international standards and with an impeccable documentation”.

Although BRAM®-COR® offers turnkey production lines as well, especially for sterile injectable solutions, there is no doubt that the quality of the water treatment machines marks a decisive contribution for the pharmaceutical industries engaged in the vaccine race. BRAM®-COR® is a consolidated supplier to international pharmaceutical companies in 64 countries, several of which are dedicated to the production of anti-Covid vaccines. "We are proud - underline the owners - that our Made in Italy collaborates with important players on the world pharmaceutical scene".

In compliance with international pharmacopoeias, BRAM®-COR® has moreover consolidated over 1000 references, from the specialized laboratory to the large multinational, validating its systems all over the world.

"The technologies of water treatment systems - specifies the technical director - have evolved to offer today a performing panorama for the pharmaceutical industry. If on one hand purified water obtained with reverse osmosis (PW) can count on increasingly efficient filtrations and on the contribution given by appropriate pre-treatments, on the other hand we have the technology of distillation with compressed steam for injectables that stands out for a whole series of reasons in the production of WFI (Water for Injection)”. Again, for the production of WFI, the company also offers Multiple Effect stills and a complete range of pre-treatment systems, CIP / SIP systems and pure steam generators suitable for direct contact with API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and for applications on parenteral and non-parenteral dosages. Finally, the range of BRAM®-COR® technologies integrates and extends to formulation systems, lines of preparation, mixing and filtration of solutions, where the company is gaining increasing market shares likewise for automation innovations and advanced software architectures.