• Bram-Cor Pharmaceutical Processing systems - Mobile mixers and dissolutor vessels


BRAM-COR is committed to answer to every need of industries concerned with pharmaceutical water (i.e. PW or WFI) or compendial water for other critical applications (cosmetics, healthcare, human food and animal feed, for example). We consider that every pharmaceutical facility needs “pure” water, which is achieved through a number of processes, starting from water quality analysis in-situ.

Water pre-treatment involves bringing water to a functional quality, which is established a-priori in the user requirements specifications. Techniques include water softening, descaling, pre-filtration, degasification, nano-filtration, electro-deionisation, ozonation, UV treatment and micro-filtration. Furthermore, the water quality must correspond to the levels established by the relevant pharmacopoeias.

Water treatment systems ensure excellent water quality, specifically when involving physical systems such as reverse osmosis. However, producing WFI with reverse osmosis (RO) systems requires special attention, since the process does not include a water changing site (from liquid to vapor, a natural microbiological barrier). We doubt that RO system is the safest method to produce WFI, unless the inlet water is excellent. With the availability of more technologically advanced membranes, we can get cold WFI with the addition of ultrafiltration. Hence, the cold WFI meets all the parameters required (USP, EP, JP …).

Our RO Systems + UF achieve an optimal WFI quality; however, once in production, any RO system requires continuous inspection and monitoring, specifically to prevent membrane degradation, biofilm creation and microbial charges, with periodic sanitization and validation. If there are no obstacles in ensuring this constant monitoring, which must also concern distribution loops, the reverse osmosis system can offer a real and meaningful advantage, reducing the energy needs and thus reducing production costs.


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